Upcoming Calendar Events

Wedsnesday, August 9 at7pm

Gus and Carissa Hosting, 3806 N. St. Louis Ave

Wednesday, August 16 at 7pm

Mike and Miriam Hosting, 2951 N. Luna Ave

Uzziel and Mirza, 4140 W. 56th Place

Wednesday, August 23 at 7pm

Obie and Lillian Hosting, 2254 N. Avers, Apt 1

Oseas and Carmen Hosting, 4024 N. Maplewood

Wednesday, August 30 at 7pm

Pastor Raplh and Ceci Hosting, 5234 W. Cuyler

Uzziel and Mirza Gonzales, 4140 W. 56th Place

Sermons & Messages Archive

We use SoundCloud to freely share our Sunday sermons and other messages. Below is the current month's Sunday sermons and messages playlist. You can listen or download the previous months sermons/message playlist by visiting our SoundCloud homepage here.

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